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DokuFS 2008-06-21

I've just finished a new version of DokuFS, my FUSE for DokuWiki.

New features are:

  • A cache (with memory limit)
  • File size is now set properly (some graphical editors rely on that)
  • Saving a file without content but a revision comment does no longer directly delete the file, but removes it from the directory listing (deleting the file was irritating some editors)
  • Saving empty files doesn't change their content, this change was necessary because on an edit an empty file is saved first before the new content is saved.

All in all I have to say that writing a filesystem isn't that easy as I thought when your back-end isn't a traditional storage. The next features that will be implemented are permission-checking on client side and a check if the write was successful.

The filesystem can be found under dokufs.rb, usage information is under DokuFS.


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