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Welcome on my WikiBlog! You can find a mixed collection of German and English content here. This website is always work in progress as there is a lot to do and so little time.

Willkommen auf meinem WikiBlog! Hier gibt es eine Mischung aus deutschen und englischen Inhalten. Meistens habe ich zu viele Ideen und zu wenig Zeit und so ist auch diese Website eine ständige Baustelle.

My Favorite Desktop Linux Software - I got tagged

I got tagged by foosel, so I have to:

  1. blog a list with your favorite destktop Linux software (as many or few you want)
  2. add links to the software project's websites
  3. post these rules
  4. tag three other Linux using bloggers

As I read that only apps with GUIs are allowed (that means non-cli-GUIs ;)) you will miss some programs, but anyway, here is the rest:

  • Firefox - the software I use most and like because of its features but don't really like because of it's memory consummation
  • Thunderbird - same problem as with Firefox, needs a large amount of memory
  • Pidgin - my favorite instant messaging client although I am not satisfied with its support of Jabber
  • urxvt - the ultimate terminal
  • Inkscape - at the moment not used that much, but one of the best programs I know and when I upgrade I always see some new, really great features
  • PCMan File Manager - fast and simple, some features are missing but nevertheless a great app
  • gThumb - a image viewer that is also able to print photos nicely (but apparently not on small photo paper)
  • GIMP - an image editor that I don't use that often but that is nevertheless noteworthy
  • LightZone - unfortunately there is no free Linux-version anymore (the Linux-version is supported officially now and costs 135 €) but it is one of the best tools I've ever seen to manipulate light and color of photos
  • LyX - a LaTeX - a GUI I often use when I have to write texts
  • - when there is no other text processor that is suitable and easy to use, is my choice
  • (G)Vim - my favorite text editor
  • Eclipse - for more complex programming I sometimes need Eclipse (for Java a must-have ;) ), although I don't really like it
  • VLC and MPlayer to play some music and videos
  • gPlanarity - a game I sometimes play

Some software that actually kind of belongs to my “desktop” but is still standalone-software and noteworthy as it is not that common:

  • stalonetray - a simple but nice (e.g. completely (peudo-)transparent background is supported) systray
  • tint2 - a simple and nice taskbar

I hope I haven't forgotten too many, but anyway here are the three bloggers that may continue:

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